At the end of 2021, I was approached by Ryan Plewis of Plewis Automotive Group and Standard Motors about a top secret job—they were purchasing Badlands Harley-Davidson in Medicine Hat, AB and they wanted to redo the logo.
I get to do something for Harley-Davidson?
Oh baby.
Ryan and his brother Mark had already generously given me the Plewis Automotive Group logo job—which might be the best logo I've designed in my life up to this point. So I was already incredibly grateful towards them; but to add on to that a Harley-Davidson dealership? Wow.
The dealerships previous logo was—in a word—busy. We wanted clean, simple, sharp, and something that would work with the modern vision of Harley-Davidson.
I took some cues from the previous logo, the H-D brand, and sprinkled a bit of my style in there (because last I checked, I can't seem to create things without it...), and we had a winner!
Since then, I've gotten to design a big backdrop for the store to take photos of bikes and customers in front of, as well as a t-shirt design—which I can't decide if I should frame or wear.
If you're in the market for a bike, support local while being 2 hours away and check out Badlands in Medicine Hat. Or perhaps you're interested in a very very sweet e-bike. They've got some of those too. Flat black baby.

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