"Ughhhh your stuff is so good I can't even taaake it. You're so good with layering textures. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS!!!! 😩😩😩😩 I love your Briercrest and Youth Quake stuff. And those logos. Dang."

-Rhiannon Peters, Marketing Coordinator, Direct Mail & Products at World Vision Canada

When paying for any service, you want to know the quality of work you are going to receive and who will be providing it. With graphic design, there is usually one key person that is going to make or break your project—the designer.

Using an agency, or walking into a business with hired graphic designers is fine, and it's possible that you could have worked with me this way at one point. However, the issue that I don't think most people are aware of is that when you do this, you roll the dice with the level of skill, passion, credentials, and experience you will have working for you on your project. Please don't be shy to ask the designer you are about to use for some samples of their previous work—or portfolio—before you commit your vital projects into their hands.

This website is my portfolio. It conveys my style as a designer, and allows you a sort of transparency into what your product will look like if we work together. I have been a full-time graphic designer since 2008. Prior to that I graduated with honors in New Media Production and Design from SAIT Polytechnic. In 2020, I wanted to round out my knowledge a bit, so I completed the Marketing 120 course through Sask Polytechnic, finishing with 93%.

During my career, I worked three years for Samaritan's Purse and Operation Christmas Child Canada, one year for Briercrest College and Seminary, and five years combined of other design and print businesses. Since 2017, I've been full-time freelancing as a sole proprietor.

Here are a few career highlights:
I took a proposal in to the Swift Current Broncos to redesign their jerseys, logo, and patches. When it was all said and done, The Hockey News ranked the design the 95th best hockey jersey of all time in 2015.
During my employment at Samaritan's Purse, I designed three annual Gift Catalogs that brought in between $800,000-$1,000,000 in donations each. I also designed three annual Operation Christmas Child Canada brochures, which have print runs of over 1,100,000 (English, French, & Mandarin versions), and see a return of 600,000-700,000 shoe box gifts annually.
One of my favorite projects was branding Youth Quake 2014 for Briercrest College and Seminary. It included a poster, booklet, t-shirts, web images and more. 
Since moving back to Swift Current, I have designed multiple posters and logos for Frontier Days. In 2015, the event featured the band Lonestar, and in 2016 it featured Finger Eleven.
In 2022, Mash Strategy asked me to help out with a logo design for none other than Pierre Poilievre. He was running for Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He chose the logo I designed, won in a landslide, and even after being elected the Conservative Party have continued to use it for his campaign for Prime Minister. It'll be hard to top this portfolio piece.

Your corporate identity is a reflection of who you are and the services you provide; make sure it looks incredible. Let's work together.
Thank you!
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