I used to dream of a Swift Current Broncos podcast. It seemed so far away from reality. Cue some new management and ideas in the organization, and suddenly the Broncos are doing their own game broadcasts online and providing weekly weekly podcasts!
Following a junior hockey team is pretty difficult. The only 'insider knowledge' you can get is from pre and post-game shows, and maybe if you know someone in the organization. No more! This is an awesome weekly podcast by Ryan Switzer and Craig Beauchemin. They're both pro-talkers with velvety voices; and the intro guy's voice--wow! I think I've heard him on the Winnipeg Jet's radio show introduction.
This is an amazing product and I hope you give it a few listens. If you're a Broncos fan, you'll likely be hooked a minute in.
I guess I should get to the portfolio part of this write-up. I was approached to design the podcast art! What a coo! The first official podcast of my favorite sporting team, of course I will! The organization had the idea of potentially making the horseshoe into headphones. I solid idea, but fairly difficult to figure out in reality. The horseshoe is quite thick, and it didn't work to keep that same thickness. The breakthrough came in making the top of the headset thicker, as if it was padded, and just narrowing it on the sides. This kept the proportions and weight of the design in tact and still very reminiscent of the horseshoe.
It was an honour to design this, but I'm much happier that there is a podcast to enjoy! Great work Ryan and Craig!
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