Here's another one of those really cool opportunities.

Colter Wall.
The Black Family.
Harvest freakin' Eatery.

Yes sir, I do want to do this job sir.
Harvest Eatery had purchased cattle from Colter and The Black's. This was an event where you could enjoy that beef and meet the ranchers.
A flyer was made and distributed locally, and the social images were posted on Brad Wall's social media. I believe Colter posted the flyer version of the design on his story on Instagram.
Very cool. I should have been asked to be paid in beef, right? ...what was I thinking?
You probably already know, but Harvest Eatery is such a good restaurant that it singlehandidly makes Shaunavon a destination area. And I'm guessing you're aware that Colter Wall is an extremely big deal in Country Music, from right here on the South Side of Swift Current. (And now a ranch near Cypress Hills).

Go eat at Harvest if you haven't:

Listen and support Colter Wall:
Colter Wall's YouTube: 
He's only got 203,091,419 views on YouTube at the time of writing this, so you know he needs your support!

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