Todd Lake approached me about updating his Contegrity Contracting logo, as they were growing into what is now Contegrity Homes.
They added Todd's wife, Melissa, as an in-house designer and selections coordinator—and for me, that is really cool. You can do your designing with them, and then they can keep doing the work and build the actual house.
Something I found special about Contegrity was how much emphasis is put on their values. They have documents and graphics explaining what you can expect, and how they're going to do it. It makes you feel safe, and that you can trust them rather than worry throughout the process.
If you're looking to build a house in Swift Current, check out and — warning — the beauty of the houses they build might persuade you to build a new house.
As far as the logo goes, the icon is a C in the shape of a home, with a little home inside it. It is strong and sturdy—like their builds—to ensure trustworthiness. Orange is a common colour used to represent construction (think Home Depot), and was being brought forward from their previous logo. Bonus x2.
The word Contegrity is in a font that mirrors the sturdiness of the icon, for the same reasons. Homes is in a custom script font to tie into the 'love' branding, and the feeling of being 'home'. You're not getting a corporate office, you're getting the place you're going to make lifelong memories in. It's warm, it's special, it's love. We then emphasized that feeling with a little orange heart after 'Homes' which I think is quite cute, unique, and adds some flavour.
Their previous brand was heavy on measurement lines, and we carried that visual element through by using them in their tagline 'Design Build Love'.
All in all, it's a nice final product and I think it represents them well.
Thanks to Todd and Contegrity for the great job :)
Oh, have you seen their trucks around town? They're pretty sweet looking. (I think SW Graphics did their wraps/decals).

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