In early 2022, I was approached with an urgent request from Derek Robinson of Mash Strategy (formerly Brad Wall's Social Media guy turned super-successful entrepreneur, and all around great guy). They were helping with Pierre Poilievre's Campaign for Leadership of the Conservative Party—and Pierre needed a logo ASAP.
The request came around 4pm on a Friday, just as I was mentally checking out for the weekend. 'Oh, you want this done for Monday?' Realizing that this was a very special opportunity, I kicked back into high gear that day, and Saturday became a very intensive work day.
I liked the direction I was given for it—I could see it.
Derek and I went back and forth a bit to get it to the right place—and long story short, Pierre approved it! Wow. The front-runner for the Leadership of the Party was going to be using a logo that I made. How on earth do I fluke into an opportunity like this? 
We ended up finalizing a circular logo and a rectangular logo. The rectangular logo was used primarily as the signs everyone would hold up at his rallies, and as a tiny logo in the bottom right corner of his YouTube videos (which are quite popular by the way). The circular logo ended up becoming the primary logo. I've seen this being used everywhere from the big end tag on Pierre's YouTube videos, to embroidered on his black jacket that he wears in several of his videos, to apparel, to a sewn drum skin that a supporter (I believe in BC) made and gave to him, which you can see on display on his bookshelf in his office.
Derek told me during the campaign that the logo was 'everywhere', 'all over the country'. It would have been cool to see it in campaign ads in Toronto or Ottawa, but I was just minding my business in little ol' Swift Current. 
The logo, which was a bit 'forward' at the time, said 'Pierre Poilievre for Prime Minister', even though he was running for leader of the party at the time, not Prime Minister. But this meant that the logo wouldn't instantly become outdated if he won, and it indicated his focus during the race.
As the story goes, Pierre swept the leadership race winning on the first ballot. Obviously, I take 100% of the credit (just kidding), but it is quite something to get to have contributed to such a strong and successful campaign. (ASIDE: I designed the logo for Rick Peterson's Campaign for Leader of the Conservative Party in 2020, which he of course didn't win—so to have the opposite experience this time around was amazing).
This is where it gets quite exciting. The logo had legs to keep going after he was elected. It continued to be his end tag for his YouTube videos, but it had evolved slightly. Instead of the nondescript maple leaf I had used in the logo, it was now the Conservative Party's C icon (which was actually my original concept, but that's a no go when vying for leadership). And now half way through the duration of seeing the logo, the words 'For Prime Minister' were swapped out with a house icon and his tagline 'Bring it Home'.
In August 2023, Pierre's campaign begun a $4 million ad campaign including TV commercials. At the end of the commercials, the logo is featured—now in its 2.0 form. It is straight to 'Bring it Home', without the 'For Prime Minister' beforehand.
For clarity sake, I only designed the original logo, and Mash Strategy and/or the Conservative Party has been iterating the logo as it has moved forward.

I chose quite a distinct font for the logo, and that font has been used for what seems like virtually all of Pierre's campaign from beginning to present. When he does a speech in front of a pulpit with a tagline on the pulpit, that tagline is always written in that font. And when Pierre has rallies and everyone is waving different signs in the air, those are all designed in that font as well.
It's quite incredible to see the logo continue to live on and develop, as well as see brand elements used elsewhere in the campaign, as it becomes a bigger and bigger deal, leading eventually up to what will be a strong run for Prime Minister.
Obviously, my unending gratitude to Derek Robinson, Paul Taillon, and Mash Strategy for this incredible opportunity, and for believing in me. Mash Strategy:
And it should go without saying, but I recommend voting for Poilievre in the next election.


You'll likely see the logo at the end of the videos, and in the bottom right corner of the video, if nowhere else.

JJ McCullough Interview in Pierre's Office: (features the drum skin with logo on it given to him by a supporter)(I'm quite a big JJ fan, so this was cool on multiple levels):


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