I've dedicated my efforts in the new Elmwood Golf Club logo to my late Grandpa, George Wiebe. He was a member for 44 years. Growing up, he always gave me a golf membership for my birthday, and he is largely responsible for my enjoyment of golf.
One of my last memories with Grandpa was playing in the Great West Auto Electric Annual Golf Tournament at Elmwood. I had a flukey habit of often ending up on his team. He was 84, I was 28, and it was the first time golfing with him that I had ever been able to hit the ball as far as he did. We didn't win the tournament, but in hindsight, I was clearly the winner getting that last quality time with Grandpa.
On the day of the funeral, our limo passed by Elmwood, and the two golfers at the corner stopped and took off their hats as we passed by. I don't know if they knew it was the day of George's funeral or not, but that meant so much to me that it still brings me to tears.
Thank you Elmwood Golf Club and members.
Below you will find a few different iterations of the new Elmwood logo, celebrating their 100th anniversary. At the bottom is a comparison between the new and old versions of the logo.

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