Giesen Construction makes some beautiful homes, and they are known for it. During my stint with Copies Xpress in Swift Current, I got to know Heather Giesen a bit, and a few years after starting my own company, Heather approached me about doing something with her logo.
There were several designs to consider reusing or revamping from their past. In the end, we decided on perfecting and customizing the current wordmark, changing the the tagline, and adding a house icon.
With most construction companies, the option of throwing a roof shape overtop of the wordmark was discussed, but if you've ever paid attention to construction company logos, you know that every second one has this design element.
Giesen makes beautiful custom homes, and I wanted to get that across in the logo. I didn't just want to throw an upside down V on 'Giesen' and call it a logo; besides, they don't build roofs like that. They build beautiful intricate roofs with multiple peaks and heights. I decided to try making an icon out of an actual Giesen home. Why did this idea take so much effort to get to? Doesn't it seem like the most obvious idea in the world now? 
We tweaked and perfected that house icon, based off of a Giesen home, and tied it into the wordmark with a swoosh that can represent a sidewalk or creek. Adding a big sun setting behind the house gives it some emotion, beauty, and ties it to something nearly eternal. Giesen's previous tagline was 'Your Forever Home'.
Now when you see the Giesen logo, you already have in mind the type of home they could build for you.
Thank you Giesen Construction. 

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