On January 13, 2019, my wife and I visited Harvest City, one of the largest churches in Regina, for the unveiling of their new brand identity that I had put together in late 2018 with the church.
This was a large identity job which included 8 different logo iterations (ie Church, Christian Academy, horizontal, vertical, etc.), 6 Live Your Call designs, 9 different apparel designs, and a 15 page brand identity guideline booklet.
The sermon was focused on casting a fresh vision of who they are as a church, and tying it all into the new tagline and call to action, "Live Your Call".
Derek Robinson of Mash Media, who also works for Harvest City, and previously did social media for Brad Wall, was my contact person throughout the process. Derek presented the new brand on stage during the service. He and Andy Schmidt, a pastor at Harvest City, are both from Swift Current.

The previous logo, pictured below, has held up well since the 1990's.

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