I had the absolute pleasure of redesigning one of my two favourite podcasts, Keeping Karlsson. Brian and Elan talk Fantasy Hockey on a weekly basis and have added additional shows throughout the week to their mainstay Sunday evening mega show.
The podcast has a global reach, with patrons across North America and Europe. They often reach 5000+ listens per episode and have hundreds of monthly Patreon backers.
The podcast and community are a key to my success in fantasy hockey, and posting publicly about the podcast comes with mixed emotions as I want to keep it my secret, but am quite proud to have played a role in their branding. Just don't tell anyone in my fantasy league, ok?
Check them out wherever you listen to podcasts. They are very active and will likely answer your questions on twitter at www.twitter.com/keepingkarlsson and if you become a patron (www.keepingkarlsson.com/patron), you will have access to a closed Facebook community and an amazing tiered fantasy league.
Thanks so much to Brian and Elan for an entertaining podcast, fantasy advice, and letting me play a little part in it.

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