Kelsey Adam was someone that I had hoped to work with at some point. When he approached me to update his brand identity, I was thrilled. I'm still quite excited about the whole experience.
Fortunately for us, Century 21 updated their branding the year prior to us updating Kelsey's. This meant that we could use the new Century 21 colours without any worry of them becoming outdated or mismatching. Kelsey's logo is often used in conjunction with Century 21's visual identity, so we were able to design something that would complement nicely.
With Kelsey and team's wordmark, I wanted to choose and customize a font that would look trustworthy and professional, but not so corporate that being lighthearted would seem out of character. They take their jobs seriously, but they also have some fun with it.
The most interesting element that came about during the design process was the negative space house within the K. The golden square in the middle of it represents light being seen through the window. This comes across as welcoming, whether Kelsey and his team are welcoming you to work with them, or you are being welcomed into your new home. Interestingly, Century 21 used a house in their logo until last year; so we like to say that it just moved into Kelsey's.
If you are looking for a new home or business location, or looking to sell, give the Kelsey Adam Real Estate Team a call and find out how they can best help you.

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