This page highlights the patron exclusive fantasy hockey league of Keeping Karlsson, which has it's own page on this website.
Their league, the Keeping Karlsson Ultimate Patron Fantasy League, commonly known as the KKUPFL, is a multi-tier league that you can move up and down in year over year, depending on how you place. The KKUPFL has 5 tiers and something like 18 leagues of 12 teams each.
You can join the KKUPFL by coming a patron of Keeping Karlsson (
Stat Attack is a podcast, hosted by Marcas O Callanain, that keeps tabs on the KKUPFL. Marcas looks at teams and players doing exceptionally well within the KKUPFL and interviews some of the team's owners. It is quite incredible to listen to a podcast about the fantasy hockey league you are a part of. It is available to patrons of Keeping Karlsson through the Patreon app.
I wanted to try making the 2D logo into a retro looking 3D crest for fun. I have included that below.
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