The KKUPFL is a patron exclusive fantasy hockey league of the Keeping Karlsson Podcast.
The league is a multi-tier league that you can move up and down in year over year, depending on how you place. The KKUPFL has 7-8 tiers and somewhere around 500 members. And to brag—I finished 3rd in the top tier in 2022, and 5th or 6th in 2023. ;)
You can join the KKUPFL by becoming a patron of Keeping Karlsson (
I made a logo for the league a few years back, and we refreshed it in 2023. 
Keeping Karlsson projects are passion projects. It is the podcast I have listened to the most in my life, I enjoy it and it has a good, healthy, active community around it. 
Look up 'Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey' on whatever podcast platform you use.

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