Do you ever make something, and just find that it gets better with age? That has been the case with the Laverdiere Builders logo. I'm writing this in 2021, and reflecting on it, I can't believe we designed it in 2017. It hasn't aged a day.
I have to give some credit to Danitra Laverdiere, who had a vision for clean, simple, modern, and minimal. Our visions together ended up creating something we are all very proud of.
If you live in Swift Current, you've probably noticed the LAV box icon. The funny story about this is that my memory told me that Jason Laverdiere either had a nickname of Lav or that friends shortened his last name sometimes to Lav. I thought it would make a great icon, because not a lot of words start out with Lav, so once you know it's Laverdiere, it should successfully remind you without needing the whole name. An L or LB isn't going to have the same power. I proposed the LAV box, and it turns out my memory was incorrect. Memories aren't perfect, if you didn't know, and I guess I totally made that up. Regardless, the LAV box quickly grew on them to the point of approving it, and they are big fans of it to this day. Funny that the inspiration...was a faulty memory.
Laverdiere Builders does quality work, just go check out their social accounts and see for yourselves. If you need some work done, there aren't many more likeable people in the world than the Laverdieres...and yes, I say that because I like them.

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