Every now and then—apparently—a ridiculous opportunity lands in your inbox. Dale Richardson, a client I designed a podcast logo for from Regina (Talking 306 Podcast), who runs www.306media.ca inquired of my services for 'someone running for the Conservative Party Leadership from Western Canada'.

Are you kidding me? Of course I'm in! How do you pass up the chance to work for someone who just might become the Prime Minister of Canada?
The deadline was a bit ridiculous, but I'm sure most things are when you're trying to get all of your ducks in a row to start campaigning for the leadership of a federal party. 'Due Friday'. I received the email 6 days before that. Game on!

I didn't work on much else that week, but was happy to get Dale and Rick Peterson all their files in time. I spoke with Rick once or twice on the phone, and quite a bit more via email. He was adamant that he wanted an oil derrick, and he wanted it big! It goes with 'Be Bold' pretty well, doesn't it? He wants to really advocate for Western Canada's energy sector.
If you're wondering, 'Courage' is his French slogan.
I am incredibly grateful to have been able to design for someone on this level. I am very thankful to Rick Peterson, Dale and 306 Media.
Rick is running on some unique policies. You can his site at www.RickCPC.ca
He is the President of Edmonton-based Peterson Capital - a national capital markets advisory services firm. www.petersoncapital.ca
306 Media specializes in Digital Advocacy and Advertising, Media Relations, and Political Campaigns and Communications. www.306media.ca

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