There are quite a few design opportunities that have highlighted my design career, and as a designer, that's really all I hope for and work towards. If I had a trophy mantel, it would have a few soccer and hockey participation trophies from when I was twelve years old and younger; it certainly wouldn't have one for graphic design.
As of September 2019, I was nominated in two categories for the Swift Current Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards: Best Start-up/New Business, and Home Based Business. This was, and still is, very flattering and exciting for me.
Then, September 24, I found out that I had made the final three in the Home Based Business Category. This is even more exciting!

I am very grateful to those who had nominated me, and to those on the selection committee for choosing me for the final three. We'll see if I'm grateful to those that make the final selection or not near the end of October ;P
I'm against my videography friends, Derek and Kaitlyn Neustaeter, of The Landing Studio, and Garden of Eden Greenhouse & Gifts. I definitely think it's an uphill battle for me!

You can check out The Landing Studio's awesome work here:
(I actually designed their logo!)

My wife has been to Garden of Eden Greenhouse & Gifts, but I have not. I know that they have a great reputation and Michelle quite enjoyed her time out there. If you check their social platforms, you'll see a pretty outstanding operation. You can learn more about them here, and maybe even buy something:

Nominated List:
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