My friend Caleb Chalmers, owner of Chalmers Contracting, started using a high end window and door brand (Duxton)—and liked them so much he wanted to sell them too.
Enter: SunRay Fiberglass Windows and Doors.
He described these windows to me as a bit pricier than regular windows, but noticeably higher quality. Once he used them, he never wanted to go back. That's all it took to sell me on them (that being said, I replaced almost all my windows a couple years back, so they'll have to wait until my next house).
SunRay is a warm name to bring into a warm space—your home. It's bright, inviting, homey, and it's what your windows are for! 
The word mark has a bit of a 'South Beach' vibe, with custom letters that look like they belong somewhere sunny—maybe Miami. 
As for the icon, we wanted to keep it very modern, simple, and represent a sun ray. It works especially great as a social media icon. It's actually harder to make an icon for a sun ray than you'd think! The common look for sun rays is a starburst, but that doesn't work well as a logo. I'm quite pleased with where we ended up.
Caleb has a showroom for SunRay's Windows and Doors at 11b 1 Ave NE in Swift Current. Go check them out and see if they don't sell themselves!
SunRay's Website:
PS. We made some really cool business cards with spot gloss on both sides—be sure to ask for one!

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