It was an absolute privilege and honor to be involved in rebranding the Swift Current Indians of the WCBL as the Swift Current 57's.
In the Primary Logo, we have 57's, representing the 57 years of Indians Baseball preceding the rebrand. Behind it is a baseball with wheat for stitching, representing Saskatchewan baseball. This is also meant to be viewed as a Saskatchewan sunset scene with wheat in front of the sun.
The flying baseball crossing the seven has several meanings:
-It is the line through a European-styled seven, as well as the apostrophe between the 7 and the s.
-The flying baseball also represents 57 years "and into the future", as the ball is soaring upwards and forwards. We are remembering the past in the name, and we are also moving forward.
-Lastly, you may notice an S hidden in the tail of the flying baseball, and a C in the baseball itself. The SC stands for Swift Current.
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