My parents, owners of Bumper to Bumper Swift Current (Great West Auto Electric), decided to take on a huge undertaking in 2019; an appreciation event for their clientele and the entire city! Not only that, they wanted to make it free and get the entire community involved.
There ended up being about 50 sponsors of different capacities. This was my first time sponsoring an event, and it was quite a substantial sponsorship. I estimate that I donated about $5000 worth of graphic design. Pretty much anything you saw related to the event ran through me. It was fun to work with my Mother, Leanne Tuntland-Wiebe, on a huge event for the city and give back a little.
The Stampeders ("Sweet City Woman") were planned as the headlining act. With less than a week until the event, one of their members got a pinched nerve. They ultimately made the call that they'd be unable to play. They also made a call to Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd ("Roxy Roller" and "Hot Child in the City") to take their place.
The weather was lovely, and this outdoor event was a huge success. Swift Current came out, enjoyed free music, some out of town food trucks (Deja Vu!), the giant fire pit from the Western Canada Summer Games, and some great time of community. My wife and I had our Farm Life apparel booth set up at the event, but the highlight was the people.
It sounds like this will be an annual event, so if you missed it in 2019, make sure you check it out in 2020!
Follow Bumper to Bumper Swift Current to stay informed on next year's event:
Instagram: @b2bsc
The logo for the event is a customized wordmark. It is a callback to when everything was made and done by hand. The two lines going through the middle horizontal represent the 'streets'.

Here are a few designs, and a motion video, from the first Taking it to the Streets:

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