It is certainly possible that Aaron Schulz and Trinity BioChem are my largest clients. This is in large part because of how his company has grown over the past few years. 
Trinity BioChem is an Ag company that sells about 4 different products to make your crops grow better. Grip, Full Bore, Nutriclaw, and TNT. And I wouldn't be surprised if we were designing a new logo for a fifth after I finish typing this out. His growth has truly been remarkable, and he is getting impressive distribution of this products.

Trinity has had me design:
-At least 5 logos (and we've already redesigned a few of them)
-At least 8 stand up banners (4 with built-in TV screens)
-Field signs
-Banner signs
-Box designs that hold 2 containers each (these turned out amazing)
-At least 4 brochures
-At least 2 advertising banners
-Water Bottle Labels

So yes, Aaron and Trinity have put a lot of food on my table—and I appreciate that. (Ironically never in the form of wheat or corn though).
The Trinity icon and name are influenced by the Holy Trinity. (Trinity means three in one or a group of three). A common symbol used to show explain the Trinity is the Celtic Triquetra. I actually used to draw it on my hand in high school all the time, so it was pretty cool to get to put into a logo. For Trinity BioChem, I made the Triquetra out of leaves—for the obvious reasons of ag/growth. It is two shades of green to tie into ag and growth as well.
We finished the icon off by putting the Triquetra in front of a T (also separated into three separate pieces).
The logo is finished off with a strong, sturdy, reliable font that should resonate with farmers and the Ag Industry—which was actually designed by one of my favourite graphic designers. 
Let's take a look at some of the logos, and a few other random pieces below.
To learn more about Trinity BioChem: or check them out at your favourite annual Ag show, they seem to be at lots of them. 

Box Designs:
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