In early 2019, I was approached to design the logo for WestWatch Canada. WestWatch is a nonprofit organization authorized by Canada Growth Council Inc. that is "watching out for Western Canada's interests." WestWatch believes a stronger Canada is achieved when conservative leaning political parties are in power. This is for various reasons of course, but one hot button topic is supporting pipelines and enabling increased exports.
Working with WestWatch was a fit for me as I am a Conservative and Sask Party supporter. That being said, everyone has the right to vote for their preference, and I have no issue working with supporters of other parties. (Seems like an American disclaimer more than a Canadian one).
In the past, I have made a couple of designs for Swift Current's longstanding Conservative MP, David Anderson. More recently, I designed Jeremy Patzer's campaign to become the Conservative's new representative, replacing Mr. Anderson. In 2018, I was honoured to design Sask Party MLA Everett Hindley's Christmas Card; and a year or two prior, I was asked to rework, then Premier, Brad Wall's Christmas Card into an email version of the card.
You can follow what WestWatch is up to at:

WestWatch has used their platform to 'send Trudeau a message' by voting out Liberal MPs. They have taken out multiple billboards across Western Canada with the same message: CTV News Story Here
I did not design the billboards, but it is exciting to see the logo I created in a prominent place.
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